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The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow his precepts have good understanding.  Psalm 111:10

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Our Philosophy

Parents have a constitutional right and a God-given responsibility to provide the best possible education for their children. For parents who have a desire for or calling to home education, this responsibility is made easier with the support of other homeschooling parents.

We believe that the role of a support group is to provide encouragement to the parents, resources for the home schools represented in the group and fun for the children in the group.

At times there are educational or social opportunities offered which may separate the family (i.e. field trips for older children, Mom’s Night Out, etc.); however, we believe it is better to keep the family together whenever possible.

Responsibilities should be shared among all members. No one person or group of individuals should be overburdened.
We encourage participation in the political process to safeguard our right to home educate our children.

For safety purposes, at least two adults from different TCA families must be present at all TCA sponsored functions.

We've got a NEW NC Home School Law

On May 30th, North Carolina got a new law defining a home school. The NCHE worked hard at getting this passed. You can learn more about it by clicking the link below.

Updated Law Defining a Home School
- Session Law 2013-57

Who are we?

We are a home school support group for Christian families in and around the Triangle area of North Carolina.

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about us! Our name makes us sound like we're a school, doesn't it? Well, TCA began as "Triangle Christian Academy" before it was actually legal for individual families to declare the intent to home school their children. TCA was set up as a satellite school in order to satisfy the law at that time-- allowing families to home school under the umbrella of a private school, complete with a principal and an office! When the law changed in 1987-88, several fathers willing to lead the group became a Board of Directors and replaced the principal.

This protected the nature of the organization as well as providing stability. As time passed, the Board of Directors became a self-nominating board, with approval by the membership. Now, couples representing the member families serve together in leadership. Although no longer an "academy," the group has always desired to keep the name of "Triangle Christian Academy" in order to preserve the history of the group. It is a reminder to us all to appreciate and continue to fight for the freedom to home school our children!


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What do we do?

We support homeschool families by providing:

Social interaction and relationships for students
Encouragement and prayer support for parents at our monthly Teacher Meetings
Information and resources for teachers
Activities and field trips for the entire family
Social interaction and relationships for parents
Academic enrichment for students

Forming relationships and making memories
all along the way.


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